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clear shoe boxes from shoe stor

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Stop Wasting Time and Storage Space Now! - Buy Shoe Stör's Clear Shoe Boxes Today!

Shoe Storage Boxes clear plastic shoe boxes

...If you ever waste time looking for your shoes or find yourself searching for extra shoe storage space, Shoe Stör's clear shoe boxes are the solution to your storage and organization problems.

Save Your Time with Shoe Stör's Clear Shoe Boxes

    * Stop rummaging through your shoes!
    * See your shoes at a glance.

Maximize Your Space with Shoe Stör's Clear Shoe Boxes

    * Designed to stack neatly in your closet.
    * Store flat when not needed.

Shoe Stör's stackable, ventilated clear shoe boxes are the shoe storage solution for anyone who loves their shoes.

Shoe Stör's clear storage boxes also work great for storing, organizing and protecting your boots, purses and handbags.

Shoe Stör also offers $9.99 flat rate shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee!

The Shoe Stör guarantee

Try Shoe Stör's clear shoe boxes risk-free for 30 days. If you don't love the Shoe Stör products you've purchased, you don't keep them. Simply send them back, no questions asked.

Read what people have to say about Shoe Stör’s wonderful clear shoe boxes:
"...if you've been looking for a cool way to store your most prized or less-frequently worn footwear, these clear shoe boxes might just be the ideal solution. They were for me."  Desiree Stimpert - Guide to Shoes

"...No more sole searching, and seeing your prized footwear through the transparent box is kind of like having superhero X-ray vision.  Ingenious, really." National Post - Obsession of the Week - October 28, 2006

"Prince Charming will be at your door in five minutes and you can't find your other ruby-red Jimmy Choo spike.  Help!  Instead of sacrificing primping time while you frantically search every corner of every closet in the house to unearth your lost shoe, get organized.  Shoe Stör's transparent, ventilated storage boxes let you keep your footwear neatly paired and stacked..." Loulou Magazine - September 2006

"We love shoes, but we don’t love scrambling through dozens of cardboard shoes boxes for those perfect silver sandals when we’re already late for the reservation. It’s time for something better, and clear plastic shoe boxes are it to display and keep your shoes. The Shoe Stör offers ideal ones in sizes designed to fit shoes, boots, and even the cute purses and evening bags you bought to match them all. The boxes are easy to stack and store." Shefinds

"I haven't tripped over a pair of shoes since I bought my clear shoe boxes from Shoe Stör" - Marcy, New York
Clear Shoe Boxes

"I recently acquired clear shoe boxes from Shoe-Stör and they just make sense. No need for labeling, Polaroid's, no cardboard boxes that can get moldy. Ick- moldy shoes? I can't imagine. A pack of 10 boxes is only $39.95 and that is a great start to organizing your closet! Imagine being able to look at all of your glorious shoes as if they are on display at a museum? It's possible" - Daily Stroll - February 9, 2006

"And you will need some shoe boxes from Shoelover to store your shoes in. Divas should not be keeping their shoes the way their teenage daughters do - throwing them on the floor or in the closet in a heap, on top of everything else. No, divas need to take care of their precious shoes, give each pair their own space and keep them organized!" - La Dolce Divas
At present, Shoe Stör offers $9.99 flat rate within the United States and Canada.  In the US, shipping is done via UPS and in Canada it is handled by Canada Post.  Outside of the US and Canada, shipping is done via United States Postal Services Air Parcel Post.  International orders must be placed via our International Site.  For more information about our shipping, see our policies.

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The Shoe Stör guarantee

Shoe Stör's boxes are the best. And that's why we want you to try them risk-free for 30 days. If you don't love the Shoe Stör products you've purchased, you don't keep them. Simply send them back, no questions asked.

There is absolutely no risk, and your satisfaction is guarantee. So what have you got to lose, besides your disorganized mess of shoes and boots? Get your boxes today!

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